Air inflatable costume
[general production]

Domestic self-production! Lightweight! Good breathability!Inflatable Costume that does not require washing

*Licensed Costume Inflatable is a product that can be produced after acquiring a license for that character.
For more information, please contact to customer service*

The products below are products made at the request
of the owner,and the copyrights of the concept, design, and character belong to each owner.
Please refer to the example product as it cannot be produced as an actual product.

All designs of Inflatable Costumes are pending a design registration. Unauthorized reproduction and theft are prohibited.

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How to use the Inflatable Costume
[Size/ Components/ How to wear/ Precautions]


how to wear

[ Video for how to wear ]


  • As the field of view is narrow, it should be used with utmost care during operation.
  • As the material is fabric, be careful of sharp objects when operating.
  • When using the motor, be careful not to block the suction port with cloth or other foreign substances.
  • Be careful not to press the motor vent in order to not drop the protective cloth on the motor vent.
  • please be careful as it is very dangerous if your hand or hair gets into the vent.
  • If you need to operate for a long time, you must purchase and use an extra battery while charging it.
  • As the fabric seams of the feet may be damaged, take off your shoes as much as possible.
  • In the case of custom-made, several proportions of the size maybe changed depending on the character shape.
  • In the case of fur fabric Inflatable Costume, it may take a little longer to produce than regular fabric.
  • Please contact the customer center regarding the production period.
  • Please note that all designs can be cross produced with Fur Fabric and general transcription fabric.
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All Airbible products are designed and manufactured to meet each client’s demands. Thus, return, replacement and refund are not available after Airbible begins manufacturing.